Brides receive only the very best of service from Southern Maryland wedding photographer Beth Graeme!

Getting married in Southern Maryland? Trying to find an amazing wedding photographer? Below are some very important things to keep in mind when deciding upon a Southern Maryland wedding photographer:

//1 Personality is a Plus

You are not just hiring someone to take pictures of your wedding, you are choosing someone who will be a part of your wedding, group, and family for your entire wedding day. Personality makes all the difference, so make sure to consider it during your selection process.

Your Southern Maryland wedding photographer not only sets the tone for your bridal party and ceremony, but ultimately impacts the story your photographs tell of your entire wedding day. Keep in mind that you will most likely work with your wedding photographer for more than a year, sometimes even longer, for engagement sessions, bridal portraits, and post-wedding photography albums – so choose a wedding photographer you’ll enjoy spending some time with.

//2 Pricing Isn’t Everything

Price is always a considering factor when choosing your Southern Maryland wedding photographer, but don’t make the mistake of basing your ultimate decision solely on how much it costs. We hear new nightmares every day from brides that selected a wedding photographer because of their low price, and normally they don’t end well. At the end of the day, your wedding photography will be the way you remember your wedding. Price is important, but not the most important thing to consider.

//3 Making Memories into Keepsakes is Possible

Not sure what to do with all of those beautiful images from your wedding photographer? Most newlyweds have them laid out in a stunning wedding album provided by your wedding photographer. Your wedding album serves as your first family heirloom and a beautiful keepsake to commemorate your Southern Maryland wedding day that will last a lifetime.

Wedding albums come in a variety of sizes and shapes – when selecting your Southern Maryland wedding photographer, ask what kind of albums and other keepsake options they offer. You should also ask about the number of images and how many pages are included in a wedding album.

//4 Time Spent Working the Event is Important

Many brides often overlook the amount of time necessary for proper photography coverage of their big day. A Southern Maryland wedding will typically need about 8-10 hours of coverage. Your wedding photographer will be with you to document all of the festivities of your wedding day, from getting ready, to décor and details, to the ceremony – all the way to the reception and send-off. Make sure your Southern Maryland wedding photographer will be there to capture all of your big moments. Some photographers offer lower prices by providing less than adequate coverage for your wedding day and charge hidden costs to provide more.

//5 Multiple Photographers Means More Memories

Wondering how many Southern Maryland photographers to hire for your wedding? Most of the time, having two wedding photographers ensures that all of the big memories from your wedding day will be successfully captured. One wedding photographer can focus on you and your bridal party, allowing the other wedding photographer to be taking pictures of the venue and other memorable things at the same time. In our experience, two wedding photographers is ideal to best serve our brides and make sure that no moment gets missed.

Beth Graeme Photography is located in La Plata, MD, offering wedding photography in the Southern Maryland area and destinations worldwide. Owner Beth Graeme is a charismatic, self-taught photographer. After serving in the US Navy as an Aviation Electronics Technician, she attended the Academy of Art University and has an Associates of Fine Arts in Web Design New Media, with concentrations in digital art and photography. After spending a few years growing her passion for photography as a hobby, Beth Graeme had great supporters behind her that encouraged her to start her photography business.  She is an active member of the small business community in Southern Maryland and a member of a very strong local and national photography network.


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