Photography for the people that work hard and play hard.



Are you about to make family history?  Add to your legacy? Weather you are expecting or announcing the arrival of a new baby, or celebrating a graduation, or updating your family portrait, or your current head shot; Beth Graeme Photography will be there to make sure every detail is imagined.

Real Estate/Commercial

Beth Graeme Photography has extensive experience with regard to photographing houses.  Beth's goal is your goal; sell faster and at asking price.  Her testimonials and long standing relationships can attest to her ability to perform.

The only way to rise above the rest is to invest in that which matters most.



Are you getting married in Maryland? Are you looking for a photographer that can document your day in the most unique way possible? Then look no further. Rest assured that every detail of your epic love story is captured. Beth has experience photographing both small intimate celebrations and large elaborate nuptials.

Beautiful portraiture that captures personality and purpose.


Is it time to get that family photograph from 10 years ago updated to reflect that beauties your babies have become? What about expecting a newborn to arrive in the coming weeks? Beth Graeme Photography provides Looking bold, colorful, and fun photographs for legacy to be documented. I know I get tired of light and airy too.  Life was meant to have color otherwise we would all look like vampires and zombies.








Selling a home is a competitive sport. Are you the winner?


After photographing hundreds of homes and hearing from the agents we work with, it's apparent that professional photography is an absolute must if you want your home to fly off the market like a hot potato.  If it's staged, photographed, and priced right then you will be the winner in the competitive market.  Beth specializes in blue hour or twilight photography that has proven to triple click through rates*.


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Every person that is in business needs a head shot.

In today's world of social connection, the first impression of you and your business is your head shot.  Are you putting your best face forward? If you look on LinkedIn alone, there are professionals that do not own a business that have a professional headshot, and entrepreneurs that do not have a professional headshot.  Don't leave a bad impression, if you are a real estate agent, CEO, entrepreneur, direct sales industry, entertainer, leader, or business coach, a head shot is a must.  Include your entire team for team building and consistent marketing brand.


Not your average wedding photographer.


You are making history and a new family line! Now you need a photographer that understand the importance of each detail and moment.  Looking for a wedding photographer in Southern Maryland can be daunting. Beth Graeme Photography fits best with the fun-loving, easy going couple and want to remember the day from start to finish.  Beth Graeme Photography can not only capture the love story and romance, but also capture the outtake moments of your celebration.


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