Family Portraits Document Your Legacy

Being a family in Southern Maryland has all the perks, right? Winter snow fun, spring blooms, summer camping and outdoors, fall leaves and holiday traditions to pass down. Trying to find an amazing family photographer to help you document your family's history? Below are some very important things to keep in mind when deciding upon a Southern Maryland family photographer:

//1 Personality is a Plus

You are not just hiring someone to take pictures of your family, you are choosing someone who will be a part of your history. Personality and style make all the difference, so make sure to consider it during your selection process.

Your Southern Maryland family photographer not only sets the tone for your session ultimately tells the story of your family lineage. Keep in mind that you will most likely work with your family photographer for more years to come, sometimes every announcement or event. Future growth of your children sessions, senior pictures, your children's life events, professional headshots, etc. – so choose a family photographer you’ll enjoy spending some time with.

//2 Pricing isn’t Everything

Price is always a considering factor when choosing your Southern Maryland family photographer, but don’t make the mistake of basing your ultimate decision solely on how much it costs. We hear new nightmares every day from families that selected a  photographer because of their low price, and normally they don’t end well. At the end of the day, your family photography session will be a memory or a tradition, how do you want your family to remember your time together? Price is important, but not the most important thing to consider.

All photographers work differently, at Beth Graeme Photography the session time is a service and the photographs produced are the product and sold separately from the session.  The session fee is $150 and the photograph pricing is a la carte, making it easy to fit with any budget.

//3 Making Memories into Keepsakes 

Not sure what to do with all of those beautiful images from your family session? Most have them printed as wall art in the most travelled rooms in the home.  We put on our walls what we value the most, and if that is family for you, then it won't due on just a computer screen. Also, a family album serves as a heirloom and a beautiful keepsake for your children to go back to for great memories of not only themselves, but you, their biggest fan.  You will want prints and products that will last a lifetime, not the lifetime of a phone or hard drive. However, in the age of NOW and social media, Beth Graeme Photography understand the importance of sharing the life you love, so everything purchased in print has a color and black and white digital compliment.

When selecting your Southern Maryland family photographer, ask what kind of wall art, albums and other keepsake options they offer. You should also ask about the number of images in an album.

//4 Designing the Session and your Home Gallery is Important

Many families assume that they can just show up and magic happens and often overlook the importance of coordinating outfits, will their family pet be involved, are the children very young, selecting a location that means something special. Is this a large family session or multiple families in one session. A family session with Beth Graeme Photography is up to one and a half hours time to ensure that we completely capture your family's personalities. Some photographers offer lower prices by providing less time, to just get it done and over.

//5 Family Photographs Aren't for You

Let's face it, the photographs from a family session aren't really for you.  They are for your kids. So you can show them the relationship they had with you.  The great love that they cherish that you gave them, your smile, your laugh, the way you sit, the way you walk. It's their past, their forever and their kids' forever.  These are the big memories successfully captured. 

Beth Graeme Photography is located in La Plata, MD, offering photography services for families, maternity, birth, newborn, infants, tweens, seniors, and modern woman glamour in the Southern Maryland area and destinations worldwide. Owner Beth Graeme is a charismatic, self-taught photographer. After serving in the US Navy as an Aviation Electronics Technician, she attended the Academy of Art University and has an Associates of Fine Arts in Web Design New Media, with concentrations in digital art and photography. After spending a few years growing her passion for photography as a hobby, Beth Graeme had great supporters behind her that encouraged her to start her photography business.  She is an active member of the small business community in Southern Maryland and a member of a very strong local and national photography network.

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